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The Truck Camper

The pickup camper is one of the most versatile types of RV available - it transforms your truck into a rugged, go-anywhere motor home that can also haul your boat, horse, motorcycle or cargo trailer.  Most models are fully self-contained, so you won't be limited to crowded camp grounds - those out of the way places are no problem for a truck and camper.  Modern conveniences such as push-button electric loading jacks, generators and even slide-out rooms are common on these units today, and there are models made for nearly every class of pickup truck including short bed (6.5 ft) models.

Because it's carried completely in the bed of the truck, a camper is also one of the easiest RVs to drive, turn around and back up.  It's as comfortable in town as it is in the woods, and can be unloaded at the camp site to free up your pickup for further exploring.   If you own a truck, you're already half way to a great RV!

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